Weekend Trampoline Party and other Surprises

1.Ali enjoying the new flipout program

Here at Sunnyhaven, we make sure to always keep our clients excited and happy by coming up with different program activities. Organising our community programs has kept us very busy over the last few months. We wanted to bring out the smiles on our clients’ faces through energetic activities.

Our staff arranged a trampoline and music party for the clients. They all enjoyed the party very much! Everyone giggled, laughed and played together. It has been a very successful agenda and the event was well attended with an abundance of our divine clients and new members.

Our clients jumped around and had a great time by the amusement section. There was also some food prepared for them.

Ali, especially, enjoyed the new flipout program. The flipout trampoline party provided a healthy & awesome leisure through their massive trampolines, ball games, events, and more surprises to everyone’s enjoyment. She felt very special, grateful and that everyone had thoroughly appreciated her stay.

It sure brought out happiness to everyone including Allen in the second photo. He took a picture of himself & staff member. He loves taking photos and placing them into photo albums. If your picture makes it to the album, you’re considered to be his friend.

Kate enjoyed playing music with Ann. Our music program is thoroughly enjoyed by many as they have been attending music classes in Sunnyhaven as a regular activity. They always have a wonderful time when music is involved. It makes our day when we see our clients happy.

These social inclusion activities increase their personal engagement abilities while having a fun time. Participating in such physical activities helps reduce stress while music and arts embrace their imagination. The fun that they experience is a life-long memory and they look forward to our next community program.