Jessica Travels

flying solo 1

Jessica Mycak was going to Canberra over the Easter break. The trip was organised by Sunnyhaven. She was a little nervous to go there but after her friends told her about the mountain breezes, the good food, and the city scenery, she progressed to be more and more excited about the tour.

Jessica started a countdown of the days to when she will be going to Canberra. She made a checklist of the activities she’ll be exploring and the places she would visit. She talked endlessly about her approaching trip and everyone payed attention joyfully. They talked about the outfits she will be wearing, and about the activities she had planned.

Just before the trip, she urged on going to the beauty salon for a hairdo, and so she did.

Finally, the day came and the first thing she had planned was to have eggs benedict and sweet corn fritters for breakfast. She was so excited when her order came and she said the food was excellent!

After breakfast, she went to an art gallery that featured the works and exhibits of the local region. She was happy to follow the plans on her note and she said the experience in the art gallery was peaceful.

Enjoying the unbelievable weather and her current mood, she went for a walk. There was a lot of gardens in Canberra. As they say, it has the largest flower garden.

Under of the remarkable weather, she had lunch in the park with a view across the lake. It was very soothing. She ate some salad and chicken chops prepared by the Sunnyhaven team.

She told them that the food was very delicious and that they should cook it for everyone when they get back.

On the way home, she began expressing how much she wanted to go back to Canberra. Sunnyhaven is devoted to the joy of our residents and we are pleased with how delighted she was in her experience.